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Complaints and Grievances

Members of the University or public may express dissatisfaction with decisions of the University or policies and processes of the University. Such issues will be treated seriously by managers of the University and responded to in a timely and appropriate manner. External members of the University may address issues of concern in writing to:

The Vice-ChancellorUniversity of Canberra
一本道最新高清无码ACT, 2601, Australia

Individuals not satisfied with the University's handling of a complaint may seek advice from a number of external sources, including:

  • (Administers the and the )


一本道最新高清无码The University has a number of processes in place to facilitate the handling of grievances or other issues. 

Students should refer to the policy site on Student Grievance Resolution Policy一本道最新高清无码, for details of grievance procedures.

The Respect at Work(Prevention of Bullying) outlines a process for staff wishing to raise a grievance. A formal process providing staff with an opportunity to raise grievances concerning their employment is detailed in UC Enterprise Agreement一本道最新高清无码. This process also allows staff to raise grievances concerning the Agreement itself.

Protected disclosure 

University staff or other persons are encouraged to report suspected corrupt conduct by University staff and allegations of maladministration within the University. The Public Interest Disclosure Act 2012 (ACT) provides certain protections for staff reporting such conduct.

一本道最新高清无码A copy of the (ACT) is available on the ACT Legislation Register.

Reports of allegations should first be notified to the Deputy Secretary to Council via